I'm steve Ebdon, the artist and owner of the ickle peeps website.
I've always loved drawing as far back as I can remember and it was always something fantasy orientated, like a dragon or some wierd and wonderful  creature conjured up from my imagination.
Art however was always more of a hobby for me rather than a business and when I got heavily into online gaming years ago one of the most fun projects I will always look back on with fond memories was an online comic for Ultima Online called "Sosarian Tales" that had a little success through a small following and in the end I was sad to let it go, but like everything else, the gaming industry evolved along with my interests and it was time to move on.
About 10 years ago my life took on some major changes, which led to me relocating from England to Denmark and as my life changed, so did my artwork and it was shortly after that the concept of the ickle peeps was born.
Taking a step back from savage, bloodthirsy creatures and armour clad wariors, I began to look more towards the lighter side of fantasy and found something challenging and fun, which I could really get my teeth into.
It's been something which has developed gradually over the years into a new and interesting style for me and a past time I hope continues to bring joy, not only to myself, but to  all of those whom enjoy the little characters for many years to come.